Money and Movements

In 2018, the Count Me In! Consortium hosted activists and funders to strategise about the future of resourcing feminist movements and social change globally in Naivasha, Kenya.

The Money and Movements Convening brought together 100 participants, including leading women’s, girls, trans and intersex activists from around the world and funders from a variety of sectors (governments, UN, public and private foundations, women’s funds, etc.). Collectively, we work across a range of issues, including women’s rights, sex workers’ rights, LBQTI rights, youth, environmental and economic justice, health and more.

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Money and Movements graphic report

Read the key takeaways from the Money and Movement Convening summarised in this graphic booklet.

You can find the booklet in ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

2035 Futures

A short video created based on our hopes and aspirations around the feminist future.

Good practices and lessons learned: the Dutch example

Good practices and lessons learned from the diverse funding modalities in the field of women’ s rights and gender equality: the Dutch example. Developed by Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Task Force, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. \

Read the document in English here.

Why we need a feminist funding ecosystem

In conversation with AWID collegues and the CMI! participants at the Money and Movements convention, Angelika Arutyunova summarised what the funding landscape looks like and what needs to be changed.

You can read the piece on AWID’s website in ENGLISH | FRENCH | SPANISH

Sex Workers are Feminists Too

“We were not sure we would make it home to our children late at night. Or whether our kids would get the news ‘there is no more mother’.”

Nadia van der Linde from WO=MEN writes about the session on sex workers’ rights movements during the Money and Movement convening.

Click here to read the piece on Red Umbrella Fund’s website.

Public agenda and presentations

Learn more about how and why we brought these activists and funders together and a few key presentations.

Resources: Future scenarios

On the second day of the session, CMI! partnered with Spring Strategies to use the Futures methodology to “get disoriented” and bring out new visions and
creative solutions. For the final day, we “got creative and committed,” identifying powerful ways we could each contribute to a future in which feminist movements.

Read the Future Scenarios paper in ENGLISH | FRENCH 

Find the Climate Warriors Scenario deck here (in ENGLISH only)

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