Members and strategic allies

The Count Me In! (CMI!) consortium is a Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. CMI! consists of member organisations Mama Cash (MC), the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), CREA, Just Associates (JASS), and the Sister Funds Urgent Action Fund (UAF) and Urgent Action Fund Africa (UAF-Africa). The sex worker-led Red Umbrella Fund (RUF) and the Dutch gender platform WO=MEN are strategic partners of the consortium.

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) is a global, feminist, membership, movement-support organisation, with over 6,000 institutional and individual members from 180 countries. Over the past 35 years, AWID has become a leading feminist voice, through our work with policy makers, funders and movements in global spaces and across regions.

CREA builds feminist leadership, strengthens movements, expands sexual and reproductive freedoms, promotes rights-based approaches to reducing gender-based violence, and advances the human rights of structurally excluded people. Founded in 2000, CREA is a feminist human rights organization based in the global South, that works at the community, national, regional, and global levels.

JASS is a feminist movement support organization dedicated to building the voice, visibility, and collective power of women for a just and sustainable world for all. We equip and strengthen the leadership and organizing capacity of women leaders and their organizations and networks in Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia, and Southern Africa.

Mama Cash is the first international women’s fund in the world, and as of 2021, will be the only women’s fund that will fund feminist activists anywhere in the world on any topic. We mobilise resources to support feminist organisations, and foster partnerships and networks to defend and advance women’s, girls’, and trans and intersex people’s human rights globally. Mama Cash is the consortium lead and is based in Amsterdam.

Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism provides fast, flexible funding to women, trans and non-binary activists who take and face enormous risks to challenge oppressive systems and build a more just and equitable world. Our holistic resources enable frontline feminist movements to respond to real-time threats and opportunities, protect and care for themselves and one another, and sustain and propel solutions to the most critical crises and injustices of our time.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa is a feminist, Pan-African, rapid response fund committed to transforming power relations through resourcing African feminists, women and trans human rights defenders and their formations as an act of solidarity. The Fund provides rapid response and advocacy grants to support unanticipated, time- sensitive, innovative and bold initiatives. These grants enable African feminist, women and trans rights activists, organisations and movements to seize windows of opportunity, fracture patriarchy, amplify their voices, enhance their visibility, and become significant actors who can influence policy and law while shaping discourse.

WO=MEN, the Dutch gender platform representing over 110 organisations in the Netherlands, strives for equal power relations between women, men and gender non-conforming persons in the Netherlands and worldwide. 

Red Umbrella Fund is the first global fund guided by and for sex workers. It joins together funders and sex workers in support of the human rights of sex workers.