REPORT: Moving More Money to the Drivers of Change – How bilateral and multilateral funders can resource feminist movements

Feminist movements are key drivers of transformative and lasting change. Yet they continue to receive just 1% of all gender focused aid. The case for WHY feminist movements need more and better funding has long been made, and is increasingly heard. Now HOW funding moves needs to change.

AWID and Mama Cash, in the context of our Count Me In! partnership, are excited to share our new report in which we catalogue concrete positive practices, “Moving More Money to the Drivers of Change: How Bilateral and Multilateral Funders Can Resource Feminist Movements”.

In the report, we:

  • Present the current landscape of funding for gender equality;
  • Acknowledge common constraints that often emerge as challenges for funders wishing to directly resource feminist movements;
  • Identify a number of enabling practices – building blocks – that funders can replicate, scale up, or adapt to overcome some of these constraints; and
  • Present nine case profiles of leading funding programmes that succeed in directly funding feminist movements, particularly in the Global South.

Drawing on, and learning from these real-life examples, we point out which aspects of funding modalities do—or do not—work towards the goal of moving more money to feminist movements.

As the United Nations is putting forward the Generation Equality Forum to drive urgent action in response to insufficient progress 25 years after the Beijing Platform for Action, it is our hope that this Report serves as practical inspiration for funders to review and adapt their funding modalities and, in effect, drive more accessible, efficient, and impactful funding to feminist movements in the Global South.

Feminist movements around the world are organising for change, against injustice and inequality. They are working towards just, joyous and liberated societies for all. It is time to back them with resources that will propel this collective work forward. 

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