Feminist movements advance gender equality and human rights by influencing policies, strengthening institutions, and changing social norms. They operate under precarious conditions in the face of rising authoritarianism, anti-gender movements* and polycrises**. And yet, donors collectively under-resource feminist movements. The Alliance for Feminist Movements, Count Me In!, and Leading from the South organised a CSW68 […]

Feminist Economic Realities: economies of support, well-being and care

Feminist economic realities (FERs) are models, approaches, imaginings, and actions that critique and directly challenge unjust economic orthodoxies, most notably global neo-liberal capitalism, and provide solutions to dismantle the unequal power relations that are rooted in systems of economic oppression.  They are an attempt at showing a better way of living, working with nature and […]

Unfolding the Essentials of Feminist Funding: Join CMI! at CSW68

More and more funders are aligning with feminist movements, recognising the critical need to bolster them with financial resources and political backing. But what’s the best way to do this? How can they ensure maximum support and minimal harm? How can funding reach movements in the best possible way to effect enduring change? To delve […]

Guidance on preparing a submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls

The Sex Worker Inclusive Feminist Alliance (SWIFA) has prepared guidelines to support sex workers’ rights-based submissions to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls (SRVAW) for her upcoming report on “prostitution and violence”. Please see the call for submission at  These guidelines provide suggestions and background information about the kind of information, […]


A solid and honest Feminist Foreign Policy (FFP), presents an opportunity for a meaningful shift in how a government handles foreign affairs, including international development. There is an ever-increasing demand from civil society for an acknowledgement that a true FFP must focus on equality, justice and human rights and be unapologetically gender-transformative, intersectional and anti-racist. […]


Today, 75% of the world’s population lives in anti-democratic, anti-rights political environments. Anti-gender and anti-rights movements worldwide have more and more resources and influence. And they come in packs: together with anti-democracy, anti-climate and anti-human rights forces. There is no time to lose. Funders, governments, UN bodies and movements must join with feminist movements to […]

Letter from feminist organisations to members of the Scottish Parliament

A transgender pride flag

15 December 2022 To,Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First MinisterShona Robison MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local GovernmentChristina McKelvie MSP, Minister for Equalities and Older PeopleDouglas Ross MSP, Leader, Scottish Conservative and Unionist PartyAnas Sarwar MSP, Leader, Scottish LabourPatrick Harvie MSP, Co-Leader, Scottish Green PartyLorna Slater MSP, Co-Leader, Scottish Green PartyAlex Cole- Hamilton MSP, […]

Raising Women’s Voices: Recommendations for the European Commission & United Nations

Public Statement from the Count Me In! Consortium – 18 Sept 2017 We, the members of the Count Me In! Consortium (CMI!) [i], applaud the European Commission’s investment of EUR 500 Million to the United Nations for women’s rights and ending violence against women. At a time when closing civic spaces increasingly constrict and threaten women’s rights, these […]

Our Bodies, Our Realities, Our Rights: Building cross-movement solidarity on bodily autonomy, integrity, and self-determination

Text in the image: Our bodies, our realities, our rights.

Our bodies are the primary means by which we experience and participate in society. Without full control over our bodies, structurally excluded groups such as women, sex workers, LGBTQ+ people, intersex people, and people living with disabilities cannot enjoy the full constellation of human rights. Human rights defenders clearly emphasised this message during an online […]

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