CMI!’S ‘MEL MATTERS’ CONVERSATION WITH THE UAF SISTER FUNDS   The current Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) practices followed by mainstream funders have significant barriers and risks. The most noticeable ones involve how it creates extra burdens for women and girls, puts their safety and security at risk and silences their voices. Whereas feminist MEL can […]

Funders need to understand the challenges trans activists face

Joya Sikdar with her colleagues during the Trans Visibility Month

Joya Sikdar is a leading trans activist in Bangladesh for 25 years and the founder and president of the organisation Somporker Noya Setu (SNS).* On the International Trans Day of Visibility 2022, we talked to her about her activism and challenges. She also highlighted how funders like the Dutch government could help advance trans activism. […]

Women at the table: that is investing in global prospects!

This article is written by: Ireen Dubel everything of worth is defencelessgrows rich from touchabilityand equal to everything Lucebert 1974 (translation Diane Butterman 2011) Many preceded Mama Cash in their analysis of and response to the new policy note of Minister Kaag, Investing in Global Prospects. Our response focuses primarily on the significance of the […]

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